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Stay tuned for more details on our workshops, seminars and details on virtual mentorship.

Career Masterclasses

What we offer


  • Professional career coaches teach you;
  • How to get your dream job
  • Defining your personal brand
  • How to become more assertive, organised and efficient at work


Career Seminars

What we offer


  • Live seminars from senior leaders across a range of industries
  • In-depth Q&A session
  • Workshops
  • Networking

Virtual Mentors

What we offer


  • Webinars with senior leaders, direct to your desktop
  • Live Q&A’s

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About the Aspirer


The next generation has incredible potential just waiting to be unlocked.

The problem? Many young professionals don’t have access to quality training and career mentors of a high calibre.

The Aspirer connects young people with business leaders, empowering them to achieve their goals.

From undergrads to budding entrepreneurs, to happily employed young professionals, this website is a resource for those working towards a goal, dream job or business.


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